Tree Trimming

Healthy Trees Make for a Beautiful Lawn

The fearless tree climbing and tree trimming experts at Miller’s Tree Service are here to keep your trees flourishing and thriving throughout the seasons. Trees with dead or drooping branches are a major safety hazard, which can turn dangerous and go downhill for your home or business very quickly. If you suspect that you may need tree trimming services, it’s better to schedule an appointment sooner rather than later.


Our trimming process

When it comes to trimming any of your trees, our team will carefully analyze your current situation and advise you on the next best solutions to bring your trees back to life. With our extensive knowledge in logging and forest experience, we’ll trim back limbs and branches to bring back healthier, fuller trees. This not only makes for a beautiful lawn, or eye-catching landscape, but also instills the safety and well-being of your property. We get the job done professionally, safely, and securely using the latest in rope safety equipment. For hard-to-reach branches and limbs, we use our Bucket trucks so that we don’t miss a thing when it comes to trimming your tree properly.

Do you have larger branches and limbs to remove?

Or unwanted, clunky logs leftover from a previous tree removal or trimming project? Let us clear it away and cut them down to size with our chipping service. We bring our chipper to your property, turning unused, large foliage, and tree waste into recycled wood chips that are ready-to-use elsewhere.

Customer Testimonials

Professional and personable. They arrived at the time they said and when they left, the work area was clean. While they were here they did two other trees that we had discussed earlier and I was quite pleased with the on the spot quote they gave me.
Steve O.

West Salem, WI

They did a great job, removed the trees, limbs on some and the stumps and most importantly cleaned the mess up completely before they left. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Virginia M.

Cashton, WI

These people arrived quickly, with a five man crew, and removed two large trees, and cleaned up nicely. I was very satisfied.

They were very fast and did a good job.
Dia E.

La Crosse, WI

High quality people. Very fast and efficient. I will definitely use them again.
Jacob H.

The crew from Miller's Tree Service know what it takes to do an excellent job. They have imagination and are able to make excellent suggestions. They removed an overgrown group of trees and have cleared the property for what will be a Bee & Butterfly Sanctuary. I think of them as environmentalists.
Ken A.

Black River Falls, WI

They arrived exactly when they said. They worked steady for 7 hours and yet had time to answer my questions and remain cordial. Cleanup was perfect and my yard looked wonderful when they left. 5-star in my book and highly recommended. They even cleaned all my gutters while on the roof.
Judy K.

Excellent job, no complaints!!
Lavern W.

Sparta, WI

Thank you for the excellent job of cutting my trees, trimming, grinding, and cleaning up afterwards, much appreciated. I will highly recommend your company to all I know who are in need of your services. p.s. good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster. Miller's Tree Service is GOOD NEWS!!!
David MacPhetridge

La Crosse, WI

The work was done very efficiently. The crew cleaned up the debris very well. All 3 crew members were courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Miller's Tree Service.
Cathy S.

Schedule An Appointment

Let us give your yard, or areas surrounding your business, a neater appearance, promote overall tree health, and remove branches that are in danger of falling. To schedule an appointment for your tree trimming needs with one of our experienced tree care professionals, or if you have any questions regarding our tree trimming services, give us a call at 608-487-6245 to request your free quote today!